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The Centre for Advanced Technologies (CAT) is the umbrella under which the Faculty of Medicine has gathered certain core facilities in support of your research.The University of Calgary has established research platforms providing many of the essential technologies that support contemporary biomedical research across many domains of activity (genomics, proteomics , cellular and medical imaging, and bioinformatics).  These platforms are complemented by basic service facilities.

Following are the core facilities, services and technologies comprising CAT:

  • Biomedical Technical Support Centre (BTSC)
  • Central Sanitation and Sterilization (CSS)
  • Clara Christie Centre for Mouse Genomics: Embyronic Stem Cell/Targeted Mutagenesis plus Transgenic and Molecular Biology services

  • Experimental Imaging Centre
  • Flow Cytometry Facility
  • Health Sciences Animal Resources Centre (HSARC)
  • Computed Microtomography: micro CT & 3D-imaging
  • Microscopy & Imaging Facility
  • Southern Alberta Mass Spectrometry Facility

  • University Core DNA Services (UCDNA)

Numerous other groups - Faculties and Institutes - sponsor other core facilities of interest to life-science researchers. An attempt has been made to list these in the Facility Brochure.

"It is for good reason that the resources comprising the Centre for Advanced Technologies are referred to as "core facilities" - they are truly core to the research mission of the Faculty. These technologies facilitate the broadest possible impact and are a key investment in the innovative program of research inquiry."

Descriptions and contact information for individual facilities are available from the facility-maintained web sites, which you can select from the drop-down menu above.

We have also prepared a summary of our facilities, their capabilities and contacts in PDF format.

The primary focus of these facilities is the research program of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary; however, many facilities have the capacity to address the needs of external clients.  Collaborative research ventures are of particular interest.

CAT's facilities provide service on a cost recovery basis.  Differential fee structures may apply to non-university or non-faculty customers.

For further information please contact the facility director for the service of interest or the CAT administrative office.



Clinical laboratory testing and services related to the disciplines of anatomic pathology/cytopathology, clinical biochemistry, hematology, microbiology and transfusion medicine can be made available through Calgary Laboratory Services.  For further information contact

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